Expert Zakupka

Cooperation Scheme

Basis of our cooperation is the availability of financial or organizational benefits for you.

Cooperation scheme will be shaped according to your requirements, ie there could be many options for interaction.

As the experience of working with our customers, the scheme of interaction is discussed and recorded individually, taking into account the working conditions and customer requirements.

As examples of cooperation can result in the following situations:

One-time transaction

  1. Buying products at discounted prices.

    By placing a request through the expert, you will have access to suppliers with a proven base accumulated in the volume discounts from 3% to 20%.

    In the illustration, you buy a product is 10% cheaper (blue version with the benefit of the Purchaser), than if you went to the market independently and without trading with suppliers (green version with the advantage of the Seller).

    Our reward in this case is differentiated from the transaction amount: the greater the amount of the transaction, the lower the%.

    As a reference point for the transaction of 100.000 rubles fee is 3% (your savings of 7% - a discount from the supplier to achieve without a good amount is almost impossible).

    This example works well in the procurement of materials related business: furniture, office equipment, stationery, building materials, clothing.

  2. Audit of procurement prices.

    For example, under the pressure of competition you have to look for ways to reduce the cost of your product - we offer you an independent audit of the actual purchase price, to assess their compliance with market prices and develop an action plan to reduce them.

    Cost depends on the number of tested the range and depth of study. For example, the cost of auditing 100 positions with an average depth of elaboration will be 10.000 rubles.

  3. Consultations on the organization of the internal service procurement.

    For example, you are not satisfied with the quality of internal service provision: information is lost, prices are not controlled, a lot of conflict, there is no liability, etc.

    We can help you organize the logistics so that the information was always available, the performer is defined and the staff friendly.

    Preliminary consultation and diagnosis systems are free of charge. Further, the cost of services is based on the labor input of our expert at the rate of 500 rubles per hour of work (including all taxes).

Examples of long-term cooperation

  1. Organization of foreign procurement services.

    For example, you decide not to keep your purchasing department and to entrust this function to us.

    We organize procurement service, offering full function of your organization's supply of all goods (there are options for working on specific commodity groups, such as business related products).

    The principle of operation outside the purchasing department is no different from an internal department, except that there is an external department is not in your organization and a specialized company that focuses on the positive experience of procurement. The benchmark

    monthly fee is 20.000 rubles for a standard unit of domestic supply department. Accordingly, the workload may be ½ rates, etc.

  2. Maintenance tenders and difficult negotiations.

    High-level talks have not often carry, but these negotiations may be crucial for your business.

    We are ready to accompany you in such negotiations and to seek for your business additional benefits.

    Cost of the service may be based on a percentage of savings achieved, or on our expert labor input of 500 rubles per hour of work.